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The #EndEthnicCleansing campaign

The #EndEthnicCleansing campaign

Many organizations and institutions are working to support communities fighting against their destruction. We also work to understand the long-term plans and strategies of Israeli aggressions against communities in order to develop effective responses.
In Beita, for example, Palestinians started demonstrating weeks before the Unity Uprising erupted and protests still continue to take place against an illegal settler outpost established on Mount Sabih. We joined the weekly protests on Fridays as part of the efforts to support and amplify the struggle of the residents of Beita on the ground.
Similar to the situation in Beita, we also participated in the weekly protests that used to take place in Beit Dajan against Israeli takeover of mountainous areas there.
By focusing on Beita, Beit Dajan and Khirbet Humsa, we understood the logic of what we called “Israel’s hilltop strategy”. In an analytic report we released, we argued that such a strategy aims to isolate and annex the Jordan Valley.
We also sounded the alarm about the urgency of supporting Palestinian struggle against this schemes.

The #EndEthnicCleansing campaign contains:

SaveHumsa Campaign

SaveJerusalem Campaign

Building the #EndEthnicCleansing network

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