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Building the #EndEthnicCleansing network

Building the #EndEthnicCleansing network

In response to Israel’s escalated violence and ethnic cleansing of Palestiniansin Al-Naqab and Sheikh Jarrah in particular, some institutions, jointly with grassroots groups in Al-Naqab, Jerusalem and beyond led an emergency action that brought together both, Palestinian groups in Jerusalem and international organizations.

One of the most important and powerful elements of the mobilization was that the grassroots activists from rather fragmented groups from different locations in Palestine came together in this space and that they decided and discussed together with the international organizations what they needed and when. The action which eventually took place from January 28, 29, 29 was held to draw international attention to the situation on the ground and pressure governments across the world to take action and stop Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The Global Days of Action included the following:

  • Demonstrations in different parts of the West Bank; a major protest was organized by Save Al-Naqab Campaign in front of the office of Israel’s Prime Minister in Jerusalem.
  • Releasing a statement on behalf of grassroots groups on the ground. The statement was endorsed by more than seventy solidarity groups globally.
  • More than 17 protests and vigils took place in various parts of the world as part of the emergency actions.
  • Online actions: We, jointly with partners across continents, flood social media with information about Israeli ethnic cleansing plans and Palestinian resistance to it. Other decentralized online actions were also organized by different global solidarity groups. Learn more about in-person and online actions here.

The #EndEthnicCleansing network – Land Day

After this successful experience, we built a mailing list and continued to hold meetings between grassroots activists on the ground in Palestine and across the globe. This has lead to another Action Day on Palestinian Land Day. While on the ground we have engaged in tree planting activities (more below),
we lead international efforts through the #EndEthnicCleansing network by:

  • Releasing a statement that reiterates the call to impose sanctions on apartheid Israel. The statement was endorsed by 73 movements and organizations across continents. Read full statement here.
  • Preparing for a social media storm on Land Day to promote the call for actions highlighted in the statement, in addition to lifting up other campaigns, mainly the #SaveAlWalaja campaign.
  • Holding two webinars on the following topics:
  1. United for Land and People’s rights- Resisting Israeli apartheid and neoliberal exploitation in the Global South.
  2. Our struggle is one: Resisting settler colonialism on Land Day.

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