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You Are Not Alone and Tree Planting campaign

You Are Not Alone and Tree Planting campaign

The planting of trees in the face of Israel’s continued policies of uprooting of trees and the efforts to support the communities that suffer the most from violent attacks by illegal Israeli settlers during the olive harvest, are a fundamental – concrete and symbolic – form of steadfastness, movement building and struggle for land.

The olive trees and harvest symbolise the rootedness of the Palestinian people in their land and are a key form of sustenance for many families.

Tree Planting campaign

  • Towards the end of 2022 and since the start of 2023, youth helped farmers reach to their lands that are threatened by Israeli confiscation and cultivate them. In the villages of Sinjel,Dayr Jarir ,Turmus Aya and Al Mughayyir (Ramallah district), Burqa, Burin and Asira al-Qibliya (Nablus district), Izbit Shufa, Baqa Al-Sharqiyya (Tulkarm district), Susya (Masafer Ytta) Farkha (Salfit) and Bethlehem we planted 2000 olive trees.

Every planted tree stands for the steadfastness of Palestinian farmers in the face of a vicious Israeli eliminatory campaign of Palestinian existence on their land.

  • We also provided threatened farmers in Bethlehem with 3000 grape seedlings to plant them in areas threatened by Israeli settlement expansion and confiscation by the Jewish National Fund.

Please click here to view the photos.

You are not Alone Campaign

The annual ‘You Are not Alone Campaign’ that has been taking place for 17 years supported Palestinian farmers in Area ‘C’ on two levels: Tree planting and olive harvest.

In October, we supported farmers to harvest their olive trees. We particularly supported farmers in the villages of Deir Al-Ghusoun, Kaffa, Shwaikeh and Baqa Ash-Sharqiyya in Tulkarm district; in Ar-Ras, Deir Istya and Eskaka in Salfit district; in Sinjel, Dayr Jarir in Ramallah district; Burin in Nablus district.

Palestinians in these villages are subjected to various forms of violence and intimidation to make it hard for them to access their lands, which are assigned a place in Israeli settlement expansion plans. Violence includes armed soldiers’ and settlers’ assaults, unleashing wild boars to destroy Palestinians’ crops and brutally attack farmers, and contaminating agricultural land with waste water from settlements, among other violent practices.

To watch a film about the campaign, please click here.

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