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The campaign to Defend Khallet ad-Dabe’

The campaign to Defend Khallet ad-Dabe’

Khallet ad-Dabe’, Masafer Yatta; a village with over 90 residents which is at the brink of being ethnically cleansed at any time after the Israeli Supreme Court set September 29 as the date the demolition of Khallet Ad- Daba’.

On May 4, the Israeli High Court ruled in favor of the ethnic cleansing of some 1,300 Palestinians living in eight villages in the area of Masafer Yatta.
Masafar Yatta, in the south of Hebron, is home for 20 Palestinian communities, which have been living and herding their livestock in the area since generations. They have been struggling against displacement for over 40 years. In 1981, Israel declared 3000 ha of the 3600 ha that make up Masafar Yatta as military Firing Zone 918. In 1999, 700 residents of Firing Zone 918 were evicted but the struggle of the people in Masafer Yatta achieved an interim injunction of the eviction so that the residents could return to live in and rebuild their homes.

After over 20 years of court procedures, the May ruling by the Supreme Court has given a green light for the implementation of the largest expulsions carried out by the Israeli apartheid regime since the 1967.

A film about the Masafer Yatta

As part of our efforts to continue mobilizing for the Palestinians’ right to exist in Masafer Yatta, we have produced and are still continuing to produce a series of films with the goal of increasing popular and international mobilization around the issue of ethnic cleansing in Masafer Yatta.

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