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Crosscutting international outreach efforts

Crosscutting international outreach efforts

Over the last year we have terminated a cycle of network building in Africa
and have dedicated time also to strengthening ties with Latin America.

  1. Outreach to Africa

International institutions among us have worked with the BNC to strengthen, rebuild and expand our relations with movements in Africa. We have built connections with movements in over a dozen African countries. We have worked together with activists across the continents to deepen the decades old understanding that there is no Pan-Africanism without Palestine and that the struggles against colonialism and neocolonialism in Africa are deeply connected with the Palestinian struggle. Far from ‘supporting Africa’, Israel profits from Africa’s conflicts wars and repression in the continent by arming conflicts and antidemocratic governments.

  1. Outreach to Latin America
    The years of the pandemic have weakened solidarity significantly but there is readiness to rebuild. However we managed to build campaigns against the contracts Israel’s national water carrier has gotten in Argentina to develop ‘water master plans’ in the regions with major mining projects – presumably exporting its knowledge on how to transform water into a privilege for the few. We have discussed other anti-greenwashing strategies and initiatives as well as possibilities for campaigns against military and security trade with Israel.
  2. World without Walls
    The call for a World without Walls, launched in 2017 by Palestinian and Mexican movements, is today endorsed by over 400 movements, groups and networks across the globe. World without Walls has developed from an annual Day of InterAction, November 9, to also being a space of encounter to build connections between movements struggling against walls of expulsion, exclusion, oppression,
    discrimination and exploitation. After 5 years, a global network of Palestine solidarity organizations and social movements from all continents are interconnected. We have worked together on analysis, joint action and interactions.
    Today, we can say that World Without Walls will continue as:
    * An important as a tool to build efforts against Walls against Climate Justice, considering that November 9 coincides with the COP summits and also considering our focus on water rights and other Israeli violations of the environmental rights of the Palestinian people.
    * We are discussing whether/how World without Walls relates to the new, openly fascist Israeli government and the challenges and the opportunities of broadening the movement it brings.

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