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The Land Defense Coalition was registered officially in 2014 even though it started working in 2013. It is formed by 11 grassroots organizations representing different groups of the Palestinian society, like farmers, workers, youth, women, children and Bedouin communities, all over the West Bank including Area C. Since the beginning the Coalition has worked to effectively strengthen the efforts of each member while ensuring their convergence in joint efforts whenever needed.

Its vision is to build an active popular movement which protects and adopts people’s concerns and defends their political, social and economic rights and reinforces international solidarity.

Its mission is being an umbrella for different movements and associations, pooling resources and creating synergies to multiply efforts in order to protect vulnerable social groups, especially agricultural workers, women and youth. For this, we promote the capacity building of the members so that they can organize themselves, supporting each other’s’ struggles, reinforcing joint work among the Coalition members and networking globally with social movements.

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